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Taweret the protective goddess of childbirth and fertility. She is typically depicted with a crocodile on her back in hieroglyphics but decided to turn him into a Specter familiar. In some myths she is also considered the primordial mother of the sun. I decided to go with a very creature like take on her, reflecting her animalistic nature. Done for the character design challenge 
Arguably one of the most well known species of fairy, it is their hypnotizing bioluminecet glow which has labeled them the fairy who sets wanderers a stray. 
The Will-o’-the-wisp are a highly skittish, yet inquisitive race. While they may take joy in toying with a lost traveler, it rarely has any devious intention.
Though various magical users will use the trance ability of the Will-o’-the-wisp 
 to their advantage. Bog witches in particular will snaring Will-o’-the wisps in invisible strings to use as lures to draw in victims. 

As with all fairy races, The Will-o’the-wisp are multi-realm inhibitors, traveling at will amongst, between and through different realms of existence. While sentient, they fall relatively low on the ladder of sentient beings and are incapable of reaching the heavenly realms. Despite this, they can be used by said beings as messengers. 
Well Mermay came and went and didn't do nearly as many mermaid paintings and sketches like I would have wanted, but here is a rough space mermaid to end Mermay.
SpaceMermaid design, no real back story to this one just yet, maybe a Nyx subspecies? 
Swamp Sod
The term sea witch, swamp witch, lake witch and the myriad of other diversions of the source are a largely colloquial term for an number of aquatic magic wielders, a completely ambiguous term that holds no racial identity. One of the unifying elements are the innate magical abilities of these aquatic beings and use of magical objects to intensify said abilities.

A Hippocampus horn is one such a prized tool amongst sea witches, while a unicorn horn is the sought after tool of choice for the bog, swamp and related "witches". Such an object has many magical abilities and purposes, with one being the ability to breach the surface of their underwater realms and fly. 

A Swamp Sod, the solitary and less aggressive member of the “sea witch” term, will regularly travel from swamp to swamp as their homes dry up. While typically not a collector  of magical objects, here a Sod stumbled upon a long since dead skull of a once shackled unicorn, and is making its maiden flight.

A Golden crab adorns it’s head, a powerful ritual item and trusted familiar, whispering incantations of tempest proportions. These trusted familiars are commonly mistaken for will-o-the-wisps 


United States
Hello fellow deviantART members!
My name is Vincent Coviello and I have been drawing since before I could walk.
I love creating characters, creatures and worlds and hope to some day work in the game and film industry.
I am always up for commissions so if your interested contact me!
Hello Everyone,

I just want to send my thanks to all those who wished me a Happy Birthday!
I truly appreciate it. I know I've been MIA as of late (for anyone who has noticed) but I will try my best to do and post more often again.

Thank you again! 


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Xhodocto385 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017
happy late birthday
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I know that this is a bit late but here it comes. Also, I am a bit short of personalized phrases for each birthdays, so I hope that this will be good for you.....:

Singing Singing Today's gonna be a-okSinging Singing 
Singing Singing 'Cause we're celebratin' your birthdaySinging Singing 
Singing Singing 
Singing Singing Happy birthday, VincentSinging Singing 
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Singing Singing Celebratin' your birthday!Headbang! Headbang! Headbang! Headbang!
Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne 

I wish you a Happy Birthday and that all your wishes of Birthday are accomplished. 

And remember, keep being cool and classy.

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Happy Birthday! :cake:
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Happy Birthday!
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